Thursday 12 June 2008

balham bou on bbc2 "Mary queen of shops"@9pm

thank you for all the surpport you have showed in the passed and hope you enjoy the futrue at balham bou
working with mary portas was priceless
30 june one to watch"mary queen of shop"bbc2@ 9pm


Unknown said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but this should read "Thank you for all the support you have shown in the past … future …"

Very much enjoyed the show with Mary.

india-wakefield said...

loved the show!
at first , when i watched it , i wasn't sure about the name 'balham bou' but now i think it's perfect!
you have some lovely clothes for women on your website but i don't think the mens' clothes are very nice - no offense!
good luck in the future with the boutique!

angel-a said...

loved the show, love the new look of the shop and the new name. The new collections, Men's as well are really nice, Well done to you both wishing you both all the success in the business, keep up the good work!!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on taking on all Mary's advice and styling up a storm!